The new generic Top Level Domains have strict rules for the registration of domains with such domain extension. Several gTLD’s give additional protection to vulnerable professions and raise confidence in their website. The .bank domain extension is a good example.

.bank domain extension for reputable and reliable bank institutions

The launch of .bank had one main objective: to make a clear distinction between trusted bank sites and imposters. It should indicate to users that reputable, reliable bank institutions will only use a website with this extension. Any company that wants to register a .bank domain name, therefore has to meet 30 requirements in terms of security.

One of them is DMAR, or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance. This should ensure that fraudulent mails, originating from spoofed .bank addresses, would be blocked before they can reach the intended victim.

Because the user no longer receives false messages, this will increase his trust in communications from his bank.  This is a win-win situation for both the bank and the consumers. The user now knows that mail, coming from a .bank domain, indeed originates from his bank. And the banks can finally go back to using the classic communication method that still remains the most effective: mail, to deliver their (marketing) message to the consumer.

Banks have understood the message

More and more banks meanwhile have realized the great potential of a uniform domain extension for the entire sector. One of the most important registrars for the .bank gTLD, the American company Encirca, is collaborating with Return Path in order to enable the required e-mail authentication.

At the moment 2.362 .bank domains have been registered already. Another proof that the new domain extensions lead to a clearer identity on the internet, which in turn inspires more confidence!

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