Since March 3, anybody can register a .bet domain, as this new gTLDs has entered its General Availability phase. Betting is extremely popular, as evidenced by the number of registrations with this new domain extension. A brief overview.

The excitement of betting

Gambling, betting, trying your luck … it’s very tempting. The tension of waiting for the result is even addictive – have you made the right bet and have you won? Or did you have no such luck? Better luck the next time!

Many get seduced by this excitement to try their luck too. Witness the many online sites where you can gamble and bet – in online casinos or gambling halls, in agencies where you can bet on all possible sports, from football to tennis, basketball, ice hockey, …

Online betting now has its own domain extension too: .bet. The domain extension was opened for trademark holders on January 5, 2016, during the Sunrise Period, with the Land Rush Period following on February 8. On March 3 the General Availability started, so now anyone can register a .bet domain on a first come, first served basis.

Immediate success

On the first day immediately over 13.500 domain names were registered with the new extension. Three days later, the number stood at 20.035. For some premium domains a higher price was asked, both for registration and renewal. For for example the sum of $ 3.249,99 should be paid each year. The complete list of registered names can be seen on day-to-day basis at Registered Today.

The .bet domain extension seems to have a golden future ahead: sites for online gaming and betting are increasingly successful. The millions of players provide the websites billions of dollars in revenue each year. With the new .bet domain extension, websites will clearly be recognized as a place to try your luck with a bet or a game.

.be for typos?

This domain extension also has a special side-effect. As you may know, it can be lucrative to register domain names where visitors end up when they make a typo in a popular domain name. A common error is to press Enter too quickly and to forget the last letter of the domain extension. For a .com address for example you would end up at the .co equivalent. And with .bet you would end up with a … .be domain. It makes you think, no?

More than 15 million domains

The milestone of 15 million domains with one of the 931 new domain extensions has been reached. On March 6, a total of 15.436.330 domains were registered, whereof received a Top Ranking at Quantcast. The .xyz extension remains the most popular (16,9%), followed by .top (10,7%) and .wang (7%). The complete overview of these new domains can be found as usual at NTLDstats.

Are you also considering a new domain name that gives your company a distinct identification? Or do you want to pimp your brand name with a trendy extension such as .top or .club? Have a look at our full list of available domain extensions and be inspired!

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