The citizen-led sustainability initiative gives the right signal and switches to the new domain extension .earth. It should become a hub for all initiatives to improve life on this planet.

After difficult negotiations the climate conference in Paris has come to binding agreements to combat global warming. President Barack Obama called it “the best chance to save our only planet”. This concern for the environment, and the will to take measures against global warming, can now easier be found on the internet thanks to this new gTLD.

From now on organizations and institutions that strive for our planet will find their virtual home on .earth. This gTLD should become a platform that enables global citizens to share their voices for the betterment of society and to enrich life on the earth. Each registrant must pledge to be an ambassador of our planet, and to do away with actions that can harm our planet and its inhabitants. becomes for example, a citizens’ initiative that measures the “vital signs” of earth, has made the transition to the new domain extension. On you will find all the key data about our planet,  measurements, comparisons with previous years. The project also wants to process these data in applications, which anyone can place on his own website in order to further spread the message. Figures on the daily CO2 emissions don’t lie: 402.04 ppm on December 11, 2015, against 398.65 ppm on December 11, 2014; the same for the monthly CO2 emissions: 400.16 ppm in November 2015 against 397.27 ppm in November 2014. a new governance

The very first .earth domain was An initiative that works towards a new form of democracy, with a decentralized, global government of peers. “The Internet has changed the way we share culture, work together, and even fall in love. But governance has remained unchanged for 200 years,” thus can be read on the site. “With the emergence of open source software and peer to peer networks, political mediation is no longer necessary. We are working on a protocol with smart contracts, which allows for decentralized governance for any kind of organization.”

An intriguing concept. We are curious what other initiatives will find their virtual home on .earth! Are you looking for an original domain extension which perfectly fits the business plan or the goals of your organization? Have a look at the extensive list of new domain extensions!


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