Choosing the right domain name is very important for the success of your project or business. Should you choose a traditional but expensive .com? Or a trustworthy .be? Or one of the new domain extensions? Our tip: ask Siri!

Worldwide or local?

Choosing the right domain name is not easy. Yet a good domain name is extremely important for your business or project. The domain name should be easy on the ear, explain what your product or service is, and be easy to remember.

How to choose a good domain name? The first question you should ask, is whether your product or service is online targeted to the local (Belgian) market, or whether you have ambitions beyond the national borders. In the first case a country domain name such as .be is recommended. The user knows immediately that he is dealing with a Belgium-based company, or at least a company that has an antenna in Belgium. If you want to focus on a particular region, consider the .gent or .vlaanderen domain extension. or

If on the other hand you have international ambitions, you sould go for a “generic” domain extension or generic Top Level Domain. And by that we don’t mean the classic gTLDs such as .com, .info or .net. There is much chance that the domain name you had in mind already has been registered with such extension by another company. At the most you will be able to register such extension by combining multiple words.

Take for instance Mr. Peeters, who owns a shoe store. is not free. But is. And even or And why not choose peeters.shoe, which immediately indicates the nature of Mr. Peeters’ trade?

Which is better – or peeters.shoe? It depends. The longer the word the user has to type in the address bar, the more likely he will make a typo. Shorter is always better. But it would not hurt if you would register those variants too, if they are available. That way you cut the ground from under your competitor’s feet. You just work with one central website; all users visiting the variants, will be redirected to this site.

Do the Siri-test!

What counts most however is that the web address must be easy to remember. For many years it was advised to do the ‘radio” test. Suppose you would make a radio advertising for your product or service, would the user be able to remember your domain name without having to spell it? Tip: don’t use a dash in your domain name!

You might object: radio is passé! You are wrong. Not as much because radio is still blooming, but because of the auditive aspect. The point is simply that your domain name must be easy to remember, when it comes up in a conversation.

There is another, important reason: Siri, Cortana, Google Now and Co, the virtual assistants on our smartphone, tablet and in our browser. Voice commands will be used more and more as input for our devices. It is therefore important that those assistants can understand your domain name properly.

So if you want to know whether the brand name that you had in mind for your product, or the domain name for your online store, are easy in the ear, just ask Siri!

Get inspired by our extensive list with domain extensions to find your new home on the web!

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