Quite a remarkable incident involving the Google.com domain name. It once again shows the importance of the domain-lock, which Register.be offers you for free!

One day, Sanmay Ved, a former Google employee and a big fan of its products, was surfing the internet. When he typed the Google.com domain name into his Google Search panel, he couldn’t believe his own eyes. Instead of the gray sad smiley which normally indicates that a domain is sold already, he got a green happy smiley: the domain was available!

Sanmay did not hesitate for a moment and bought the domain – for just $ 12. He immediately received messages for the Google.com domain owner and mails with internal information. He even got access to the webmaster controls! Fortunately, the man immediately took some screenshots to document this incredible experience. Because after a minute or so, Google Domains canceled the purchase. They mentioned that someone else had registered the domain before him. The 12 dollars were neatly returned.

Registry Lock at the rescue!

What exactly has happened remains a mystery. Was Google Domains plagued by a bug? Or had the company simply forgotten to renew its domain name on time? In any case it would not be the first large company that made such a mistake. In 2003 Microsoft had forgotten to renew his hotmail.co.uk domain. And in March 2014 the domain of the US First Lady, MichelleObama.com, suddenly was for sale on the Internet.

The incident emphasizes once more the importance of the registry lock. Register offers it at no additional cost, to all organizations, companies and individuals who register a domain name through our company. Your domain name is automatically locked, when possible. That way you don’t have to worry about losing your domain name via a fraudulent transfer out. If required, you can always request to unlock your domain.

And our Sanmay Ved? He will go down in history as “the man who was for one minute the owner of Google.com!”


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