The registration of .club domain extensions continues at blazing speed. More than 110.000 new .club domains have been registered in 2 weeks of time, bringing the total to >430.000. The domain extension is also doing well at several auctions. Some figures…

On November 29, there were a total of 10.373.491 domains registered with one of the new domain extensions according to .xyz is still leading (1.662.429 domains), followed by .top (907.704 domains), .wang (594.511 domains) and .win (502.612 domains). .club, which is 5th in the top 10 with 431.794 domains, is going very strong. On November 14 the counter showed in fact 320.000 registered domain names, which means an increase of more than 110.000 domains in just 2 weeks of time.

Dynamic promotion

Behind the .club gTLD stands a clever promotor, who knows how to sell his goods. Domain names that are not renewed for example are not put back in circulation, but are auctioned. Rather ingenious, because not only does this draw the attention to interesting .club domains, but those domains also fetch a much higher price than a simple registration could muster.

Furthermore, auctions are held on specific themes. For example, there is an auction based on the number of letters in the .club domain. At the auction of two-letter .club domains for example all offered domains reached their reserve of $5.000. At a special numeric .club auction received during the preceding phase 59 bids, with $3.200 as highest bid. It is remarkable that this number is a lucky number in China, while elsewhere in the world it is known as “the mark of the devil”. received 23 bids, 14, and 17 bids. sold for $140 000

And then there are the stars among the .club domains:,,,,, Those can be bought during the auction, organized during the Namescon conference. Pre-bids have been opened. How the bids evolve, you can follow at the .club auction site

Meanwhile we are wondering whether the record of will be matched. That domain was sold at auction last year, during the Namescon conference, for $140.000, which is still the highest reported sale for a new gTLD.

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