The .game domain is now open for the general public. All the major game makers already have equipped their popular games with their own .game domain!

The game industry is not a “silly game”, but a serious business – a fact that you probably already know. According to recent statistics video games accounted for 101,62 billion dollar in revenue worldwide. In the US alone the sale of video games is good for 5,2 billion dollar, and 8,4 billion dollar is spent on game consoles.

This industry therefore really needed its own domain extension. And now it has it: .game. Since May 16 anyone can register his own .game domain name. Of course, before that date there were the so-called Sunrise Period, reserved for trademark holders and brands, followed by Early Access during which good sounding domain names were sold to the highest bidder.

Sunrise period: the big players take their positions

Immediately it was clear that the new domain was met with a lot of interest. During the Sunrise period almost all major names in the game-industry registered .game domains for their games. Blizzard Entertainment for example registered a .game domain for Warcraft, Starcraft, Heartstone, Diablo. Activision did the same for Call of Duty, and Take-Two Interactive for Grand Theft Auto. Microsoft registered and Riot Games its League of Legends, etc.

Companies that offer gaming platforms were quick too to capture their .game domain. Apple did it for, and Microsoft registered its, and Sony Interactive its

General Availability: the game is on!

Right after the brands, the professionals with an interest in gaming could register their .game domain during the Early Access period. Lucrative domains with a great future ahead of them soon were sold:,,,, and more. What prices were paid for  these premium domains, is not known at present.

And now we are in the General Availability, which means everyone has the opportunity to register a domain name, at a fixed rate, on a first-come, first-served base.

Are you active in the gaming industry, do you have a great idea for a gaming project? Then you know what you have to do! Act quickly, and be the first to register your .game domain!

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