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From now on, you no longer need to constantly check if the files of your website contain vulnerabilities or malware: the Automatic Patching service keeps those files up to date in your place by applying the necessary patches. But what exactly does this service offer?

Not only does Automatic Patching makes your website more secure, but it also frees you from a time-consuming security task so that you can focus on your core business!

Patching weaknesses or vulnerabilities is an absolute necessity

Vulnerabilities or weaknesses are regularly found in commonly used scripts, PHP routines or other website components. Normally, you should update these files as soon as possible, in order to make sure that criminals or vandals cannot exploit these vulnerabilities with the aim of attacking your site. The damage they could do is incalculable: bring your site down, steal information about your business or your customers, etc.

By regularly patching your site, you will spare yourself a lot of problems. Unfortunately, you often do not have the time to read all the security bulletins. In addition, you may not have the necessary technical knowledge to be able to check your files for vulnerabilities. And that is where the Automatic Patching service comes in very handy!

Patching automatically: you now have more time for what really matters

In fact, this service will scan all the files for you and, if you want, it can also automatically apply the necessary security updates to the files (“patching”). This way, your website will be more secure. And since you are now freed from this time-consuming task, you can now fully focus on your core business.

This service also scans the files of your website for malware. If necessary, you can quarantine the infected files or remove them altogether. And you can do this in all simplicity from your customary control panel.

Is Automatic Patching already enabled for your website?

Log in to your control panel. In your Settings, go to the Automatic Patching tab and turn the feature ON. The “policy” section gives you the opportunity to have the problematic files patched automatically. The new tabs (Overview, Vulnerabilities and Malware) allow you to take the necessary measures and monitor the situation.