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The .be domain extension continues to do well, as shown in figures of But .vlaanderen, .gent and .brussels stand their ground. The local Belgian extensions seem to remain popular. Some remarkable facts and figures…

2,8% growth of .be domain names

The Belgian loves his .be domain name. That is the least you can conclude from the figures, the registrar of the .be country domain extension, has announced a few days ago. From 736.498 .be domains in 2007 the number grew to 1.534.832 in 2015, so more than double in eight years. Once his domain registered, the Belgian also remains faithful to it: 86% of .be domains are renewed annually, where the average across Europe is somewhat lower (79% in 2013).

.vlaanderen, .brussels and .gent

But the other new geographic domain names for Belgium are gaining popularity too. End 2015 there were 6.991 .vlaanderen domains. Although the .brussels domain covers a smaller area, it still follows closely with 6.591 registrations (source: Even .gent, which is not even a region but a city domain, already has 3.209 registrations  (source: NtldStats)

Geographic domain names are preferred

It  is clear: the Belgian loves his geographical roots. According to the .be domain accounted for 59,2% of all domains registered in our country, followed by .com (15,08%), .eu (7,46%), .net (7,25%), .org (2,69%), .vlaanderen (0,38%) and .brussels 0,36%. Perhaps the fact that one targets a local audience and can use one’s mother tongue in the domain name, is an explanation. Often organizations and advertising campaigns use their slogan as their domain name.

Keep it short!

Sometimes, however, one forgets about clarity. cites three examples of organizations that did never hear of the motto “keep it simple”. What to think of commissioncommunautariefranç (39 characters) or (50 characters)? Top of the bill however is which forces the user to type as many as 62 characters in his address bar. If that company wants to put a banner at its front door, with its website on it, it will need plenty of room!

The conclusion is crystal clear: domain names with local roots remain important. Did you already register your .be, .brussels, .vlaanderen or .gent domain? Have a look at our extensive list with the many possible domain extensions!