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After the search giant had already chosen an .xyz domain for one of its websites, now it prefers the .news domain extension to introduce a new service. Clever of Google, which seems to have understood the value of the new domain extensions so well!


As mentioned a few months ago, search giant Google has split itself and has made separate entities of the various branches. On top of it came the parent company, Alphabet. Remarkable is that for this overarching structure a domain name was chosen which clearly supports the new domain extensions:

The .xyz domain extension is aimed at the generations X, Y ànd Z. But it is also used as a neutral alternative to .com. More than 2.749.000 .xyz domains have been registered, as stated on the website. There you will also read that a total of 17 million domain names exist with one of the new domain extensions.

… and now

Google once again shows that the company understands the power of the new domain extensions. The new project of Jigsaw, the tech incubator of Alphabet, can be seen on a website with the new .news domain extension: This project will analyze the news from around the world, so that you can see what news was covered less or not at all by the media in a specific country.

The tool is still in beta, but you can already test it. shows on a map the main topics in the various countries of the world. Click on a topic – which will be shown in your language – and you can see the different places where it is trending. With a slider you can even go back in time.

What is very interesting, is that you can also see which topics are not ‘trending’ in your own region – or in any other specific region. A powerful tool to counter censorship, of course. Let’s hope the tool quickly gets integrated in Google News.

New domain extensions: you choose

Another nice and interesting project from Google. As a registrar we remember that Google / Alphabet / Jigsaw reaffirms with this domain its trust in the new domain extensions. These extensions make it right away clear what a website stands for. And where all good domains with the classic .com, .net, .biz … extensions are already taken, with the new domain extensions the possibilities are endless… and affordable!

Want to know which domain extension is the best suited for your project? Check out our comprehensive list of new domain extensions, and make your plans concrete!