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The .game domain is now open for the general public. All the major game makers already have equipped their popular games with their own .game domain!

The game industry is not a “silly game”, but a serious business – a fact that you probably already know. According to recent statistics video games accounted for 101,62 billion dollar in revenue worldwide. In the US alone the sale of video games is good for 5,2 billion dollar, and 8,4 billion dollar is spent on game consoles.

This industry therefore really needed its own domain extension. And now it has it: .game. Since May 16 anyone can register his own .game domain name. Of course, before that date there were the so-called Sunrise Period, reserved for trademark holders and brands, followed by Early Access during which good sounding domain names were sold to the highest bidder.

Sunrise period: the big players take their positions

Immediately it was clear that the new domain was met with a lot of interest. During the Sunrise period almost all major names in the game-industry registered .game domains for their games. Blizzard Entertainment for example registered a .game domain for Warcraft, Starcraft, Heartstone, Diablo. Activision did the same for Call of Duty, and Take-Two Interactive for Grand Theft Auto. Microsoft registered and Riot Games its League of Legends, etc.

Companies that offer gaming platforms were quick too to capture their .game domain. Apple did it for, and Microsoft registered its, and Sony Interactive its

General Availability: the game is on!

Right after the brands, the professionals with an interest in gaming could register their .game domain during the Early Access period. Lucrative domains with a great future ahead of them soon were sold:,,,, and more. What prices were paid for  these premium domains, is not known at present.

And now we are in the General Availability, which means everyone has the opportunity to register a domain name, at a fixed rate, on a first-come, first-served base.

Are you active in the gaming industry, do you have a great idea for a gaming project? Then you know what you have to do! Act quickly, and be the first to register your .game domain!

More than 12 million domain names have been registered with one of the new domain extensions, and two newcomers make their appearance: .vin and .wine. Some figures …

More than 12 million

On February 7, there were 12.239.137 domains registered with the new domain extensions. Currently you can choose from 900 new TLDs, which are operated by 263 registrars. Big glutton is still .xyz, which on its own is good for 19% of all these domains (2.325.000). It is followed by .top (9,20% good for 1.126.000 domains) and .wang (8,53% accounting for 1.044.500 domains).

To the list of new domain extensions two newcomers were added last week: .vin and .wine. These domain extensions are meant for all those active in the sector of this precious beverage: wine growers, wine collectives, wine traders, wine connoisseurs, …

For wine indeed has an important place in our (food) culture). More than 384 billion wine bottles are produced each year, so that this community surely deserves its own domain extension.

Champagne, Prosecco, Sherry: AOC’s now also protected on the web

The .vin and .wine domain extensions seem to have a sparkling future ahead.  During the Sunrise period of .vin and .wine, immediately more than 1.300 brand names were registered by their respective owners. Several large wineries have also set a good example. The organization that represents all growers and wineries in the French region of Champagne, Comité Champagne, is located now on and There you can find an app (Android and iOS), which tells you everything about Champagne.

The same goes for the famous prosecco wine, which actually has been around since the Romans but only received in 2009 its DOC (Denominazione di Orogine Controllata, the Italian equivalent of the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée or AOC). The consortium, protecting the name of this sparkling wine, can now be found at and

And finally sherry can also be found at its new domain: the Consejo Regulador voor de Deonominacion de Origne Jerez-Xeres-Sherry, Sherry’s largest association worldwide, has a new website at

Get inspiration from our section with the many new domain extensions to find the right web domain that fits your business  perfectly. Cheers!

After the search giant had already chosen an .xyz domain for one of its websites, now it prefers the .news domain extension to introduce a new service. Clever of Google, which seems to have understood the value of the new domain extensions so well!


As mentioned a few months ago, search giant Google has split itself and has made separate entities of the various branches. On top of it came the parent company, Alphabet. Remarkable is that for this overarching structure a domain name was chosen which clearly supports the new domain extensions:

The .xyz domain extension is aimed at the generations X, Y ànd Z. But it is also used as a neutral alternative to .com. More than 2.749.000 .xyz domains have been registered, as stated on the website. There you will also read that a total of 17 million domain names exist with one of the new domain extensions.

… and now

Google once again shows that the company understands the power of the new domain extensions. The new project of Jigsaw, the tech incubator of Alphabet, can be seen on a website with the new .news domain extension: This project will analyze the news from around the world, so that you can see what news was covered less or not at all by the media in a specific country.

The tool is still in beta, but you can already test it. shows on a map the main topics in the various countries of the world. Click on a topic – which will be shown in your language – and you can see the different places where it is trending. With a slider you can even go back in time.

What is very interesting, is that you can also see which topics are not ‘trending’ in your own region – or in any other specific region. A powerful tool to counter censorship, of course. Let’s hope the tool quickly gets integrated in Google News.

New domain extensions: you choose

Another nice and interesting project from Google. As a registrar we remember that Google / Alphabet / Jigsaw reaffirms with this domain its trust in the new domain extensions. These extensions make it right away clear what a website stands for. And where all good domains with the classic .com, .net, .biz … extensions are already taken, with the new domain extensions the possibilities are endless… and affordable!

Want to know which domain extension is the best suited for your project? Check out our comprehensive list of new domain extensions, and make your plans concrete!


More and more big names are switching to the new domain extension .tech. Since its launch, more than 84.000 .tech domains have been registered. Something for you?

Enough reasons to make the switch

Numbers do not lie. According to The Next Web 65% of individuals and organizations cannot obtain the domain name that they wish for their product or organization. 32% even had to choose another name for the product, because the related domain was unavailable. One of the reasons why the last years you have seen the craziest words as domain names, with truncated vowels such as

In short, all good classic domain names ending in .com, .org or .net are taken. To get your hands on a .com, you must pay out a lot of money – even for the craziest domains. At a recent SEDO auction was offered for sale for $ 7,500. The three-letter would cost $ 200,000. Incredible, especially when you consider that such a domain name with one of the new extensions would probably not cost more than $100.

Famous brands lead the way

Several large companies have understood this. They go for a short, meaningful domain name where the extension immediately makes clear the nature of the business and website. And because they operate in the technology sector, they chose the new .tech extension.

Consumer Technology Association (CTA) recently announced for instance that it will switch from to soon will replace the much longer The Reward program of Microsoft can soon be found at The famous tech news site The Next Web will become

The education sector has also realized the importance of the .tech extension for its technical departments. King’s College London now uses kcl tech, Warwick University, the Barcelona Technology School

So the .tech domain extension is perfectly suited for startups, tech companies, universities and educational institutions, conferences, bloggers, publishers of technical news. In March 2016 more than 84.500 .tech domain names were registered.

Will you follow their good example? Get inspired by the extensive list of new domain extensions and choose the appropriate domain name for your company!

Since March 3, anybody can register a .bet domain, as this new gTLDs has entered its General Availability phase. Betting is extremely popular, as evidenced by the number of registrations with this new domain extension. A brief overview.

The excitement of betting

Gambling, betting, trying your luck … it’s very tempting. The tension of waiting for the result is even addictive – have you made the right bet and have you won? Or did you have no such luck? Better luck the next time!

Many get seduced by this excitement to try their luck too. Witness the many online sites where you can gamble and bet – in online casinos or gambling halls, in agencies where you can bet on all possible sports, from football to tennis, basketball, ice hockey, …

Online betting now has its own domain extension too: .bet. The domain extension was opened for trademark holders on January 5, 2016, during the Sunrise Period, with the Land Rush Period following on February 8. On March 3 the General Availability started, so now anyone can register a .bet domain on a first come, first served basis.

Immediate success

On the first day immediately over 13.500 domain names were registered with the new extension. Three days later, the number stood at 20.035. For some premium domains a higher price was asked, both for registration and renewal. For for example the sum of $ 3.249,99 should be paid each year. The complete list of registered names can be seen on day-to-day basis at Registered Today.

The .bet domain extension seems to have a golden future ahead: sites for online gaming and betting are increasingly successful. The millions of players provide the websites billions of dollars in revenue each year. With the new .bet domain extension, websites will clearly be recognized as a place to try your luck with a bet or a game.

.be for typos?

This domain extension also has a special side-effect. As you may know, it can be lucrative to register domain names where visitors end up when they make a typo in a popular domain name. A common error is to press Enter too quickly and to forget the last letter of the domain extension. For a .com address for example you would end up at the .co equivalent. And with .bet you would end up with a … .be domain. It makes you think, no?

More than 15 million domains

The milestone of 15 million domains with one of the 931 new domain extensions has been reached. On March 6, a total of 15.436.330 domains were registered, whereof received a Top Ranking at Quantcast. The .xyz extension remains the most popular (16,9%), followed by .top (10,7%) and .wang (7%). The complete overview of these new domains can be found as usual at NTLDstats.

Are you also considering a new domain name that gives your company a distinct identification? Or do you want to pimp your brand name with a trendy extension such as .top or .club? Have a look at our full list of available domain extensions and be inspired!

It seems inevitable: the world of the Internet of Things has arrived. All kinds of devices and wearables will be connected to the cloud. The new .cloud domain is a key factor in this trend!

When the new domain extension .cloud was announced, it immediately was clear that many big names in the tech industry were eager to operate this interesting new domain. Obviously Amazon and Google, the biggest providers of cloud services, were among the prospective operators.

Great, however, was the surprise when neither of them made it during a private auction in October 2014. And as the saying goes in dutch “when two dogs fight over a bone, the third one runs away with it“, it was a hitherto unknown third party, the Italian hosting company ARUBA SpA, that won the auction.

Cloud Pioneers

Meanwhile, we are one year later, and the procedure for the launch of this new domain extension nears its completion. The Sunrise period, reserved for trademark owners, runs until 15 January 2016. From January 25 till February 5 follows the Landrush, with the General Availability starting on February 16, 2016.

Several companies already have registered their .cloud domain, as can be seen at the special “Cloud Pioneers” website. Among others Canonical Ltd., the British company behind the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu, but also Nerdalize, a Dutch start-up that is getting a lot of attention for its project to convert the heat, generated by servers, to a source of free hot water for home owners – a solution which was recognized as Europe’s Best Climate Venture 2015.

And you? Could a .cloud domain name  become the ideal home for your cloud service or start-up? Maybe your project is better served with one of the dozens of other new domain extensions? Check out the extensive list, and be inspired!



The citizen-led sustainability initiative gives the right signal and switches to the new domain extension .earth. It should become a hub for all initiatives to improve life on this planet.

After difficult negotiations the climate conference in Paris has come to binding agreements to combat global warming. President Barack Obama called it “the best chance to save our only planet”. This concern for the environment, and the will to take measures against global warming, can now easier be found on the internet thanks to this new gTLD.

From now on organizations and institutions that strive for our planet will find their virtual home on .earth. This gTLD should become a platform that enables global citizens to share their voices for the betterment of society and to enrich life on the earth. Each registrant must pledge to be an ambassador of our planet, and to do away with actions that can harm our planet and its inhabitants. becomes for example, a citizens’ initiative that measures the “vital signs” of earth, has made the transition to the new domain extension. On you will find all the key data about our planet,  measurements, comparisons with previous years. The project also wants to process these data in applications, which anyone can place on his own website in order to further spread the message. Figures on the daily CO2 emissions don’t lie: 402.04 ppm on December 11, 2015, against 398.65 ppm on December 11, 2014; the same for the monthly CO2 emissions: 400.16 ppm in November 2015 against 397.27 ppm in November 2014. a new governance

The very first .earth domain was An initiative that works towards a new form of democracy, with a decentralized, global government of peers. “The Internet has changed the way we share culture, work together, and even fall in love. But governance has remained unchanged for 200 years,” thus can be read on the site. “With the emergence of open source software and peer to peer networks, political mediation is no longer necessary. We are working on a protocol with smart contracts, which allows for decentralized governance for any kind of organization.”

An intriguing concept. We are curious what other initiatives will find their virtual home on .earth! Are you looking for an original domain extension which perfectly fits the business plan or the goals of your organization? Have a look at the extensive list of new domain extensions!


The registration of .club domain extensions continues at blazing speed. More than 110.000 new .club domains have been registered in 2 weeks of time, bringing the total to >430.000. The domain extension is also doing well at several auctions. Some figures…

On November 29, there were a total of 10.373.491 domains registered with one of the new domain extensions according to .xyz is still leading (1.662.429 domains), followed by .top (907.704 domains), .wang (594.511 domains) and .win (502.612 domains). .club, which is 5th in the top 10 with 431.794 domains, is going very strong. On November 14 the counter showed in fact 320.000 registered domain names, which means an increase of more than 110.000 domains in just 2 weeks of time.

Dynamic promotion

Behind the .club gTLD stands a clever promotor, who knows how to sell his goods. Domain names that are not renewed for example are not put back in circulation, but are auctioned. Rather ingenious, because not only does this draw the attention to interesting .club domains, but those domains also fetch a much higher price than a simple registration could muster.

Furthermore, auctions are held on specific themes. For example, there is an auction based on the number of letters in the .club domain. At the auction of two-letter .club domains for example all offered domains reached their reserve of $5.000. At a special numeric .club auction received during the preceding phase 59 bids, with $3.200 as highest bid. It is remarkable that this number is a lucky number in China, while elsewhere in the world it is known as “the mark of the devil”. received 23 bids, 14, and 17 bids. sold for $140 000

And then there are the stars among the .club domains:,,,,, Those can be bought during the auction, organized during the Namescon conference. Pre-bids have been opened. How the bids evolve, you can follow at the .club auction site

Meanwhile we are wondering whether the record of will be matched. That domain was sold at auction last year, during the Namescon conference, for $140.000, which is still the highest reported sale for a new gTLD.

Do you have a business or other idea for which a .club domain name would be ideal? Or any of the many other domain extensions? View our selection of the new domain extensions and be inspired!


In no time .science has become the sixth most popular gTLD. Are we all becoming geeks, or does the .xyz effect play a role?

In recent months we have reported here about the many beautiful, interesting new domain extensions that have been launched. Some of them are an immediate success with the general public, such as .guru, .club, .party. Others have yet to win the hearts of the public. And some others enter straight away into the top 10 of the most popular domain extensions. Sometimes it is not immediately clear why that happens, which raises questions.

Such was the case for the domain extension .xyz, which, at the time of its launching, was offered free of charge by a particular hosting company to all of its clients. One year later however, it shows that most of these domain names were renewed at their expiry date – a confirmation that the owners really appreciate the value of this domain name and want to hang on to it.

.science straight into the top 10

Now there is again a domain extension that is scoring high: .science. Within two weeks after its launch, the extension had climbed to the 3rd place in the top 10 of the most popular domain names. A few weeks later, the popularity dropped somewhat, but .science still is 6th most popular domain name.

Have we then all become geeks who want to showcase our interest and our knowledge of science with a .science domain? Again, the answer is mixed. Several providers had in fact set a very low price for the registration of such domain, probably encouraged by the registry of the domain. Of course the registrations of .science domains rose sky-high.

Meanwhile, the situation has calmed down. The exceptionally low registration rates for .science no longer apply. The normal rate, valid for most other new extensions, is now in effect.

Ideal to show scientific knowledge

Yet it remains undeniable that .science is the ideal domain extension for a scientist to present his work online. Whether it is a chemistry teacher who wants to present his lessons graphically, or an expert scientist who wants to explain Einstein’s theory in a simple way: .science is the appropriate domain to do so. For businesses, the .science domain is also the opportunity to showcase their advanced technological developments.

Is a .science domain name something for your organization or company? Or is one of the hundreds of new domain extensions better suited for you? Have a look at our wide range and be inspired!