More and more big names are switching to the new domain extension .tech. Since its launch, more than 84.000 .tech domains have been registered. Something for you?

Enough reasons to make the switch

Numbers do not lie. According to The Next Web 65% of individuals and organizations cannot obtain the domain name that they wish for their product or organization. 32% even had to choose another name for the product, because the related domain was unavailable. One of the reasons why the last years you have seen the craziest words as domain names, with truncated vowels such as

In short, all good classic domain names ending in .com, .org or .net are taken. To get your hands on a .com, you must pay out a lot of money – even for the craziest domains. At a recent SEDO auction was offered for sale for $ 7,500. The three-letter would cost $ 200,000. Incredible, especially when you consider that such a domain name with one of the new extensions would probably not cost more than $100.

Famous brands lead the way

Several large companies have understood this. They go for a short, meaningful domain name where the extension immediately makes clear the nature of the business and website. And because they operate in the technology sector, they chose the new .tech extension.

Consumer Technology Association (CTA) recently announced for instance that it will switch from to soon will replace the much longer The Reward program of Microsoft can soon be found at The famous tech news site The Next Web will become

The education sector has also realized the importance of the .tech extension for its technical departments. King’s College London now uses kcl tech, Warwick University, the Barcelona Technology School

So the .tech domain extension is perfectly suited for startups, tech companies, universities and educational institutions, conferences, bloggers, publishers of technical news. In March 2016 more than 84.500 .tech domain names were registered.

Will you follow their good example? Get inspired by the extensive list of new domain extensions and choose the appropriate domain name for your company!

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