More than 12 million domain names have been registered with one of the new domain extensions, and two newcomers make their appearance: .vin and .wine. Some figures …

More than 12 million

On February 7, there were 12.239.137 domains registered with the new domain extensions. Currently you can choose from 900 new TLDs, which are operated by 263 registrars. Big glutton is still .xyz, which on its own is good for 19% of all these domains (2.325.000). It is followed by .top (9,20% good for 1.126.000 domains) and .wang (8,53% accounting for 1.044.500 domains).

To the list of new domain extensions two newcomers were added last week: .vin and .wine. These domain extensions are meant for all those active in the sector of this precious beverage: wine growers, wine collectives, wine traders, wine connoisseurs, …

For wine indeed has an important place in our (food) culture). More than 384 billion wine bottles are produced each year, so that this community surely deserves its own domain extension.

Champagne, Prosecco, Sherry: AOC’s now also protected on the web

The .vin and .wine domain extensions seem to have a sparkling future ahead.  During the Sunrise period of .vin and .wine, immediately more than 1.300 brand names were registered by their respective owners. Several large wineries have also set a good example. The organization that represents all growers and wineries in the French region of Champagne, Comité Champagne, is located now on and There you can find an app (Android and iOS), which tells you everything about Champagne.

The same goes for the famous prosecco wine, which actually has been around since the Romans but only received in 2009 its DOC (Denominazione di Orogine Controllata, the Italian equivalent of the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée or AOC). The consortium, protecting the name of this sparkling wine, can now be found at and

And finally sherry can also be found at its new domain: the Consejo Regulador voor de Deonominacion de Origne Jerez-Xeres-Sherry, Sherry’s largest association worldwide, has a new website at

Get inspiration from our section with the many new domain extensions to find the right web domain that fits your business  perfectly. Cheers!

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