In no time .science has become the sixth most popular gTLD. Are we all becoming geeks, or does the .xyz effect play a role?

In recent months we have reported here about the many beautiful, interesting new domain extensions that have been launched. Some of them are an immediate success with the general public, such as .guru, .club, .party. Others have yet to win the hearts of the public. And some others enter straight away into the top 10 of the most popular domain extensions. Sometimes it is not immediately clear why that happens, which raises questions.

Such was the case for the domain extension .xyz, which, at the time of its launching, was offered free of charge by a particular hosting company to all of its clients. One year later however, it shows that most of these domain names were renewed at their expiry date – a confirmation that the owners really appreciate the value of this domain name and want to hang on to it.

.science straight into the top 10

Now there is again a domain extension that is scoring high: .science. Within two weeks after its launch, the extension had climbed to the 3rd place in the top 10 of the most popular domain names. A few weeks later, the popularity dropped somewhat, but .science still is 6th most popular domain name.

Have we then all become geeks who want to showcase our interest and our knowledge of science with a .science domain? Again, the answer is mixed. Several providers had in fact set a very low price for the registration of such domain, probably encouraged by the registry of the domain. Of course the registrations of .science domains rose sky-high.

Meanwhile, the situation has calmed down. The exceptionally low registration rates for .science no longer apply. The normal rate, valid for most other new extensions, is now in effect.

Ideal to show scientific knowledge

Yet it remains undeniable that .science is the ideal domain extension for a scientist to present his work online. Whether it is a chemistry teacher who wants to present his lessons graphically, or an expert scientist who wants to explain Einstein’s theory in a simple way: .science is the appropriate domain to do so. For businesses, the .science domain is also the opportunity to showcase their advanced technological developments.

Is a .science domain name something for your organization or company? Or is one of the hundreds of new domain extensions better suited for you? Have a look at our wide range and be inspired!



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