The new domain extensions go fast. .xyz has overtaken .biz and is now the 5th largest domain extension. An overview of some impressive numbers…

Record number of domain registrations in one day

The number of domains worldwide keeps growing, at an ever faster pace. The registration of domains, with an ‘old’ or ‘new’ domain extension, reached a new record. On February 18, more than 750,000 domains net in one day have been registered. To be clear, this ‘net’ means the number of registered minus the number of deleted domains (expired and not renewed).

On December 31, 2015 there were 158,7 million domains in the ‘classic’ gTLDs, and 10,9 million with the ‘new’ domain extensions, all combined 169,6 million. According to, on February 18 there were 175,5 million domain names, classic and new combined, so 6 million more in six weeks’ time.

.xyz still biggest champion

It also seems that the general public finally is getting aware of the existence of the new domain extensions. On February 20, 2016 there were, according to, slightly more than 14 million domains with one of the new domain extensions. Leader is still .xyz, accounting for 2,5 million domains (18,11%). There seems to be a strong demand from China for this domain extension. All combinations of three-letter domains have been registered already, and now all four-letter domains or domains also have been registered.

This means that .xyz in less than two years has surpassed .biz, the domain extension which was launched in 2001 and until now it was 5th largest gTLD. Only when .xyz has more than 5.5 million registrations, it will defeat the current number 4, .info.

The competition is gaining ground

But other domain extensions are gaining popularity too.

There is .top, with its 1,577 million domains, that accounts now for 11.24%. After that we have .win, which has a market share of 5,37%, followed by the 5,09% market share of .club.

Moreover, several promising domain extensions will be launching in the weeks and months to come. For example .store will be launched in April, with a Sunrise on April 6 and General Availability on June 14. The alternative extension .shop undoubtedly will also score high, but its launch date has not been advised yet.

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